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The Advantages of Using an Agri-Fab Towed Sprayers

Sprayers are equipments used to spray any liquid and gardeners use it to spray herbicides and fertilizers to maintain their beautifully prepared lawns. Though you will find several types of sprayers here at Agri-Fab Sprayers, our new Towed Sprayers are perfect for gardeners who want beautifully prepared lawns. Our Towed Sprayers comes in either a 15 Gallon tank or a larger 25 gallon tank. It is compatible with all lawn tractors as well as tow bar fitted ride on mowers and is very easy to use. Here we highlight the advantages of using the Agri-Fab Towed Sprayers over the traditional hand sprayers.

Faster Than Every Manual Sprayer: Since the Agri-Fab Towed Sprayer is equipped with a powerful 12 volt/7 amp pump that helps it spray the liquids much faster than any handheld sprayer. Even if the handheld sprayer is motorised, our Towed Sprayer can spray faster across the lawn because it can traverse the whole lawn faster on its pneumatic wheels. Our Towed Sprayer’s speed is only limited by the speed of the tractor vehicle. The booms with the nozzles of the Agri-Fab Towed Sprayer gives a coverage area of 6 inches per lawn pass which essentially makes it faster than other sprayer.

More Thorough than Other Sprayers: Every Towed Sprayer is more thorough than other kind of sprayers because of the mechanical nature of the sprayer. Since the tractor vehicle moves at a constant speed and the nozzles sprays out a constant volume of liquid per second, you get a more thorough coverage of the whole lawn. Other forms of sprayers, especially the handheld ones, can miss out spots in the garden and you will be left with a inconsistent growth in your lawn.

Reduces Your Contact With Harmful Chemicals: With a towed sprayer like the ones available at Agri-Fab, your interaction with the harmful chemicals will be minimal. Since in this kind of sprayers, the chemicals are being sprayed behind you, they cannot cause much harm to you. On the other hand, with other forms of Sprayer, there is a greater chance of inhaling the chemical or getting it on your skin.

Last but not the least, the Agri-Fab Towed Sprayer is a time saving device. If you spray your lawn on a regular basis, you should get yourself an Agri-Fab Towed Sprayer.

11 January 2016 11:17